Monday, June 8, 2009

He's just not that into you


1.if he's not calling u , it's bcoz u are not on his mind
2.if u can find him , then he can find u.
if he wants to find u, he will dun forget how much they like u. so put down the phone
4.dun be with sum1 who doesn't do wat they say they're going to do
5. guys tell u how they feel even if u refuse to listen or believe them.
" i dun want to be in relationship" truly means
" i dun want to be in a relationship with you"
6.if u dun noe where the relationship is going, it's ok to pull over and ask
7.if he doesn't want to marry you

bnyk lgi find this book now!!!

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  1. buku ni mai ade ke? nk pnjam.......!!!!!!!! =)